Academic Excellence


What is required to prepare Christian young people for life in a culture of competing worldviews and constantly shifting values?  The answer is excellent Christian education — but excellence does not happen by accident.  Excellence in Christian education is possible only when it is founded by a Biblical worldview, nurtured by a committed faculty, and driven by an academically-challenging atmosphere.

We follow a firmly traditional approach, but we consistently stay at the cutting edge of education by learning better teaching techniques. Our faculty members are not only highly trained professionals, but also godly Christians who are dedicated to the success of their students. In this dynamic environment, students are equipped to think and live from a thoroughly Christian worldview.

As a result of our Biblical worldview and the persistence of our teachers, we are fully committed to academic excellence.


In keeping with our desire to provide a high-quality educational experience, Kimball Christian Academy utilizes the Abeka curriculum.

Standardized Testing


Every spring, a nationally recognized standardized achievement test is administered to all students in grades K5-11. While it is not the only way to assess our school, it is an important method of evaluating our students, the scope/sequence/content of our curriculum, and the effectiveness of our teachers.


In lieu of taking achievement tests, the senior class is required to take the ACT or SAT college entrance test.  Seniors must register for the test on their own and meet the financial obligations.  It is highly recommended that this process be handled at the beginning of the school year.  While there are several dates from which to choose, students are strongly advised to register for the April test date.  Research suggests that students perform better at this time of the school year since they have completed most of their coursework for the twelfth grade.  Seniors will not receive a diploma until the school receives the test results.

Graduation Credits and Requirements

KCA Graduation 2018.png


The following academic units are required for graduation from Kimball Christian Academy. These requirements exceed the requirements of the State of Michigan and the state universities of Michigan.

  • English: Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, Themes in Literature, World Literature, American Literature, English Literature (Equivalent grammar and literature credits may be accepted in transfer.)

  • Mathematics: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, a fourth credit of math

  • Science: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics

  • Social Studies: World Geography, World History, US History, Government, Economics

  • Foreign Language: Two credits in the same language

  • Bible: one credit per year

  • Physical Education: one credit

  • Keyboarding/Computer: one credit

  • Electives: one and a half credits

  • Fine Arts electives are encouraged to meet graduation requirements.

Credits Required for Graduation

A total of 24 credits are required for graduation from Kimball Christian Academy.